Students are responsible for their own lodging, meals and travel. A new 4-bedroom apartment, however, has been added to the school premises and is available to any student needing lodging. The apartment has a living and dining area with a TV, VCR, radio, and the normal type furniture furnished. Kitchen furnishings include the normal refrigerator, stove, microwave, cooking utensils, and dinnerware. The shared bathroom is equipped with a shower (no tub) and personal storage for four. The separate sleeping quarters will be furnished with appropriate bedding and storage for personal belongings and clothing.

Students who wish to rent lodging will be responsible for their own towels, toiletries, food and food preparation, laundry, and housekeeping. Students are expected to keep and leave the apartment in order and clean. A Laundromat and convenience store is located less than two miles away in a nearby small Iowa town.

There is no smoking and no non-paying overnight visitors allowed in the apartment. Drugs, illicit substances, or illegal activities will not be permitted on the premises and any student involved in such will be asked to leave and their tuition will not be refunded.

While all students should expect to provide for their own meals, the school may occasionally provide some meals.

School's Lodging Costs:
Full-time class: $250 flat fee
Per night stayovers: $10 / night

Local Attractions for After-School Hours:
  • Hop, skip and jump to local county and state lakes, rivers and streams, even our own pond
  • Heart of beautiful Madison County and Covered Bridges.
  • 12 miles to grocery, small discount, and antique stores (antique probably only open weekdays and Saturdays).
  • 25 miles to large discount stores and shopping malls in major city; 20 miles to medium-size town.
  • 20 miles to riverboat casino.
  • 2 miles to small town laundromat, convenience store, pharmacy, hardware store, bank, and ATM.
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